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Jersey Mike’s Menu- Heavenly Tasting Hot & Cold Subs, Breakfast

Jersey Mike's Menu

Jersey Mike’s, well known for its fresh sliced/fresh grilled submarines is one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the United States. The first store of Jersey Mike’s Subs was opened in New Jersey. The restaurant chain offers a variety of subs that can be customized according to your choice. A few Jersey Mike’s locations serve various breakfast sandwiches during the morning hours, including sandwiches made with pork roll, a New Jersey product.

Every item on the menu at Jersey Mike’s has a big flavor, and all of the sandwiches come with a delicious, fluffy Jersey bread. Everything is quickly made to order for each customer, just the way the first subs were made at the original Jersey Mike’s. Continue reading to know more about Jersey Mike’s menu items.

😋 Jersey Mike’s Menu

Jersey Mike’s menu includes customizable hot subs, customizable cold subs, sides, drinks, and desserts, club sub, BLT, club supreme, chips and wraps. Their cold subs menu category includes Jersey Shore’s Favorite, Ham and Provolone, Turkey and Provolone, Tuna Fish and a ton more. Similarly, their hot subs include mike’s famous philly, big kahuna cheese steak, bacon ranch chicken cheese steak and many more. The most exciting thing about their subs is that you can also have them gluten-free.

The subs are available in different sizes like mini, regular, giant, wrap, and tub. Their popular Mike’s Way are prepared with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices, but this can be modified to your preference. Jersey Mike’s has got delicious sides and drinks too. This article is all about Jersey Mike’s menu and you can find out all their menu prices here.

🌭 Hot Subs

Big Kahuna Cheese Steak (Chicken or Beef) – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.95$13.95$7.95$7.95
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.95$13.95$7.95$7.95
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.95$13.95$7.95$7.95
Chicken California Cheese Steak – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.45$12.95$7.45$7.45
Chicken Parm – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.45$12.95$7.45$7.45
Chipotle Cheese Steak (Chicken or Beef) – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.45$12.95$7.45$7.45
Grilled Pastrami Reuben – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.45$12.95$7.45$7.45
Meatball and Cheese – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.45$12.95$7.45$7.45
Philly Cheese Steak (Chicken or Beef) – (Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$7.45$12.95$7.45$7.45

😍 Cold Subs

BLT (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$6.95$12.95$6.95$6.95
Club Sub (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.95$8.25$13.95$8.25$8.25
Club Supreme (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.95$8.25$13.95$8.25$8.25
Jersey Shore Favorite (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.25$6.35$11.95$6.35$6.35
Provolone Ham Salami (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$6.95$12.95$6.95$6.95
Roast Beef and Provolone (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.95$8.25$13.95$8.25$8.25
The American Classic (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.25$6.35$11.95$6.35$6.35
The Cancro Special (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$6.95$12.95$6.95$6.95
The Number Four (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$6.95$12.95$6.95$6.95
The Original Italian (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.95$8.25$13.95$8.25$8.25
The Super Sub (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$7.25$12.95$7.25$7.25
The Veggie (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.25$6.35$11.95$6.35$6.35
Tuna Fish (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$7.25$12.95$7.25$7.25
Turkey and Provolone (Mini/Regular/Giant/Tub/Wrap)$5.45$7.25$12.95$7.25$7.25

Chip, Drink & Dessert

Bottled Drinks$2.29
Brownie (1 pc)$1.89
Chip Drink Combo (22 oz.)$2.79
Chip Drink Combo (32 oz.)$2.99
Chips (Bag)$1.19
Cookie (1 pc)$0.65
Cookies (3 pcs)$1.85
Fountain Drink (22 oz.)$1.89
Fountain Drink (32 oz.)$2.29

🌯 Wraps

Baja Chicken Wrap$7.95
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.95
Chicken Caesar$7.95
Grilled Veggie Wrap$7.95
Turkey Wrap$7.95

🍱 Catering Menu

Brownies (12 pcs)$9.95
Cookies (12 pcs)$7.75
Lunch Box (Mini)$7.85
Lunch Box (Regular)$10.15
Subs By The Box (For 10 People)$58.00

🏨 Jersey Mike’s Locations

There are over 2,300 Jersey Mike’s locations in the United States. The state with the most number of Jersey Mike’s locations in the US is California, with 332 locations.

Head over to the above link and enter your City, State or Zip Code and hit Search to find your nearest Jersey Mike’s location along with its address, contact info, delivery services, working hours and more.

🤔 Jersey Mike’s FAQs

Does Jersey Mike’s toast their subs?

Toasting subs is not a part of Jersey Mike’s recipe and team members are not trained to do so. Their stores are individually owned and operated, and it would be at the store owner’s discretion to accommodate by putting bread on the grill.

How to track Jersey Mike’s delivery order?

Once your order is placed, there is a link in the confirmation email that says, ‘check delivery status’. This will direct you to the DoorDash delivery tracking webpage from where you can track your delivery order.

Does Jersey Mike’s has catering box?

Yes, Jersey Mike’s has Catering Box that consists of 4 Cold Giant Subs cut into thirds, labeled, and individually wrapped. 

Why is Jersey Mike’s so popular?

Jersey Mike’s meats and cheeses are all top-quality premium brands. Their bread is fresh-baked each day on the premises. It’s what makes Jersey Mike’s the most authentic tasting submarine sandwich.

What oil does Jersey Mike’s use?

Jersey Mike’s use red wine vinegar and an olive oil blend. It’s how a Jersey Mike’s sub gets its exquisite zing. It’s how bites get boosted, and a great sub becomes an even better one.

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