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Noodles And Company Menu – Classic Noodles & Delicious Feasts

Noodles And Company menu

Started in Colorado in 1995 by a former marketing executive, Noodles And Company essentially seeks to serve noodle dishes from all over the world (though most tend to favor Italian, Asian, or ostensibly American), complemented with a few non-noodle-based salads, soups, and appetizers. They currently have more than 400 locations around the country. The Noodles & Company menu is something you should be watching out for.

Every meal at Noodles & Company is created to order, so the cuisine is always fresh and can be modified to your preferences. They are committed to using fresh, natural ingredients (including cage-free eggs, naturally-raised meat, organic milk, tofu, and tea, and freshly-prepped vegetables) in all their menu items.

🍜 Noodles And Company Menu

The Noodles and Company has a wide variety of items on its menu. You can choose from naturally raised pork, parmesan-crusted chicken breast, grilled chicken breast, marinated steak, sautéed shrimp, oven-roasted meatballs, or organic tofu. There are also a number of tasty soups, salads, and appetizers that you can pair with your noodle bowl. Dishes can have up to four prices, depending on the size and protein choice.

Noodles and Company is kids-friendly too. Macaroni and cheese is on the kids menu and each kids meal comes with an Honest Kids beverage or Horizon milk. Kids can choose from a variety of healthy sides.

No matter what kind of cuisine you’re craving, Noodles & Company will help you order a hearty noodle meal precisely to your liking. Check out the Noodles and Company menu prices below.

🫕 Noodles & Pasta

Alfredo MontAmoreSmall$4.90
Alfredo MontAmoreRegular$5.90
Penne RosaSmall$4.49
Penne RosaRegular$5.89
Japanese Pan NoodlesSmall$4.49
Japanese Pan NoodlesRegular$5.89
Wisconsin Mac & CheeseSmall$4.49
Wisconsin Mac & CheeseRegular$5.89
Pesto CavatappiSmall$4.49
Pesto CavatappiRegular$5.89
Pad ThaiSmall$4.49
Pad ThaiRegular$5.89
Spaghetti & MeatballsSmall$4.40
Spaghetti & MeatballsRegular$5.80
Bangkok CurrySmall$4.49
Bangkok CurryRegular$5.89
Steak StroganoffSmall$4.40
Steak StroganoffRegular$5.80
Whole Grain Tuscan FrescaSmall$4.49
Whole Grain Tuscan FrescaRegular$5.89
Indonesian Peanut SautéSmall$4.49
Indonesian Peanut SautéRegular$5.89
Buttered NoodlesSmall$3.99
Buttered NoodlesRegular$5.39

🥣 BUFF Bowls

BUFF Tuscan Fresca with Grilled Chicken Breast$8.49
BUFF Japanese Pan with Marinated Steak$8.49
BUFF Pesto with Naturally Raised Pork$8.49
BUFF Bangkok Curry with Organic Tofu$8.49

🥪 Sandwiches

BBQ Pork Sandwich$7.29
The Med$6.69
Veggie Med$6.69
Spicy Chicken Caesar$6.69
Wisconsin Cheesesteak$7.29

🥗 Salads

Chicken Veracruz SaladSmall$6.99
Chicken Veracruz SaladRegular$8.39
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladSmall$4.40
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladRegular$5.80
Napa Market Salad with ChickenSmall$6.99
Napa Market Salad with ChickenRegular$8.39
Med Salad with Grilled ChickenSmall$4.40
Med Salad with Grilled ChickenRegular$5.80

🍲 Soups

Thai Curry SoupSmall$4.49
Thai Curry SoupRegular$5.89
Tomato Basil BisqueSmall$4.49
Tomato Basil BisqueRegular$5.89
Chicken Noodle SoupSmall$4.49
Chicken Noodle SoupRegular$5.89

🥫 Shareables

Korean BBQ Meatballs with Gochujang (go-choo-jang) Sauce5 Meatballs$2.99
Korean BBQ Meatballs with Gochujang (go-choo-jang) Sauce10 Meatballs$4.89
Potstickers3 Pc.$2.99
Potstickers6 Pc.$4.99

🍖 Sides

Petite Baguette$0.79
Side of Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breast$2.59
Side of Naturally Raised Pork$2.79
Side of Chicken Breast$2.59
Side of Marinated Steak$2.79
Side of Shrimp$2.99
Side of Oven-Roasted Meatballs$2.59
Side of Organic Tofu$2.39

🍰 Desserts

Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.89
Snoodledoodle Cookie$1.89
Rice Krispy$1.89

🧋 Drinks

Fountain DrinkLarge$2.29
Fountain DrinkRegular$1.89
Fountain DrinkKids$0.79
1% Organic Milk$1.59
Chocolate Organic Milk$1.59
Izze DrinkBottle$2.49
Fresh-Brewed Honest TeaLarge$2.29
Fresh-Brewed Honest TeaRegular$1.89
Nantucket Nectar$2.49

🍱 Square Bowls

Feeds 4-5 People
Alfredo MontAmoreFamily Square Bowl$26.50
Napa Market Salad with ChickenFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Penne RosaFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Japanese Pan NoodlesFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Wisconsin Mac & CheeseFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Pesto CavatappiFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Spaghetti & MeatballsFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Steak StroganoffFamily Square Bowl$27.00
Whole Grain Tuscan FrescaFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Chicken Veracruz SaladFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladFamily Square Bowl$29.00
Pad ThaiFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Med Salad with Grilled ChickenFamily Square Bowl$27.00
Tossed Green SaladFamily Square Bowl$16.00
Indonesian Peanut SautéFamily Square Bowl$20.00
Buttered NoodlesFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Bangkok CurryFamily Square Bowl$27.00
Tomato Basil BisqueFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Chicken Noodle SoupFamily Square Bowl$22.00
Thai Curry SoupFamily Square Bowl$22.00

😋 Square Bowls

Feed 8-10 People
Penne Rosa, Bangkok Curry, Mac & Cheese, Pesto Cavatappi, Whole Grain Tuscan Fresca, Alfredo MontAmore, Pad Thai, Indonesian Peanut Sauté, or Stroganoff$40.00
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce or Buttered Noodles$35.00
Med, Veracruz, or Napa Market Salad$35.00
Tossed Green or Caesar Salad$20.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread$15.00
Iced Tea or LemonadeGallon$10.00

🏨 Noodles And Company Locations

With the mission of serving fresh food fast, the company now has over 460 restaurants in 35 different states of US. For more info on the Noodles and Company locations, head over to where you can browse all of them. Additionally, you’ll find the restaurant’s address, phone number, amenities, operating hours, delivery hours and more.

Besides their delicious food, Noodles and Company outlets also offer a warm, welcoming environment for relaxing between meetings, or while waiting to pick-up after the kids’ youth sports practice.

😎 Noodles And Company FAQs

What is Noodles and Company popular for?

Noodles & Company is known for serving internationally-inspired and American noodle dishes, pasta, salads, and soups. There are seemingly endless combinations of noodles, spices, and proteins.

Does Noodles And Company has vegan menu options?

Yes, the Noodles & Company fast food chain is a great place for quick, vegan-friendly bite. They have a lot of vegan items on their menu and offers transparent allergy information alongside a completely customizable menu with over a dozen freshly prepared vegetables available on any dish.

What if I don’t like my order in Noodles and Company?

If you don’t like your order, Noodles & Company will replace your meal with something you do like for free.

What is Wisconsin Mac & Cheese?

Wisconsin Mac & Cheese is a glorious dish of Noodles and Company. Covered in what looks like a half pound of shredded cheddar cheese, this creamy concoction offers the right amount of sharpness and goes deliciously with steamed broccoli.

Does Noodles and Company have vegan sides?

Yes, Noodles & Company offers a vegan-friendly baguette and a side Caesar’s Salad that can be made vegan. You can also add a side of vegan seasoned tofu to any of the dishes there.

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