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Zaxby’s Menu – Mouth Watering Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

Zaxby's menu

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Athens, Georgia, Zaxby’s is a quick service restaurant franchise. For 30 years, Zaxby’s has filled its table with people who share the vision of “enriching lives”. The brand is committed to serving Zaxby’s menu including made-to-order, “indescribably good” chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, and salads in an exceptionally comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

If you’re in one of the Southern states, then you have no reason to miss delicious Zaxby’s menu. Keep reading to know more about Zaxby’s.

🍗 Zaxby’s Menu

Zaxby operates as a casual dining restaurant. Their menu is quite impressive and includes chicken fingers, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads, sides, family meals & beverages. Dipping sauces are offered with chicken finger orders, and range from mild, to the moderate “Zax sauce”, to the intensely hot “Nuclear” and “Insane”. Zaxby’s family combo of Wings & Fingers are the crowd favorite.

Read further to know about Zaxby’s menu & prices.

🌟 Featured Items

Boneless Wings & Things$14.39
Traditional Wings & Things$16.59
Chicken Finger Plate – 6 Fingers$15.99
The Big Zax Snak Meal$11.49
Kickin Chicken Sandwich Meal$11.29
Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal$12.29
The Cobb Zalad – Fried$13.29
Chicken Finger Plate – 4 Fingers$13.39
Chicken Finger Plate – 5 Fingers$14.69

🍱 Famous Meal Dealz

Traditional Wings & Things$16.59
Boneless Wings & Things$14.39
Chicken Finger Plate – 6 Fingers$15.99
Chicken Finger Plate – 4 Fingers$13.39
Chicken Finger Plate – 5 Fingers$14.69
The Big Zax Snak Meal$11.49
Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal$12.29
Traditional Wings Meal$13.19
Boneless Wings Meal$11.49
Chicken Finger Plate – Buffalo 6 Fingers$17.69
Buffalo Traditional Wings & Things$17.09
Buffalo Big Zax Snak Meal$12.09
Buffalo Boneless Wings & Things$15.09
Chicken Finger Plate – Buffalo 5 Fingers$15.99
Chicken Finger Plate – Buffalo 4 Fingers$14.69

🥪 Sandwich Mealz

Kickin Chicken Sandwich Meal$11.29
3 Nibblerz Sandwich$11.59
Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich$11.49
Zaxby’s Spicy Signature Sandwich$11.49
Zaxby’s Signature Club Sandwich Meal$12.19
Zaxby’s Spicy Signature Club Sandwich Meal$12.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal$11.29

🥗 Big Zalads

The Cobb Zalad – Fried$13.29
The House Zalad – Fried$12.69
The House Zalad – Grilled$12.69
The Zensible Cobb Salad – Grilled$11.87
The Zensible House Salad – Grilled$11.87
The Zensible House Salad – Fried$11.87
The Zensible Cobb Salad – Fried$11.87

👶 Zax Kids

Kiddie Fingerz Meal$7.49
Kiddie Cheese Meal$7.29

🍟 Famous Fingerz & Wings

Chicken Fingerz – 10$16.99
Traditional Wings – 10$16.99
Traditional Wings – 5$9.39
Chicken Fingerz – 20$33.39
Chicken Fingerz – 5$9.29
Boneless Wings – 10$13.59
Boneless Wings – 20$25.59
Boneless Wings – 5$7.89
Buffalo Chicken Fingerz – 5$10.59
Buffalo Chicken Fingerz – 10$19.39
Buffalo Chicken Fingerz – 20$38.19

😋 Shareables

Fried White Cheddar Bites$6.09
Fried Pickles$6.09

☕️ Beverages

Gallon of Sweet Tea$8.29
Gallon of Unsweetened Tea$8.29

🍟 Sides

Crinkle Fries – Regular$2.99
Crinkle Fries – Large$3.79
Basket of Texas Toast$2.89
Piece Of Toast$1.19
Extra Sauces$0.25

🍛 Family Meals

Fingers Family Meal$44.79
Boneless Wing Family Meal$44.79
Buffalo Fingers Family Meal$49.89

🏨 Zaxby’s Locations

Zaxby's Locations & Zaxby's Menu

Zaxby’s currently operates more than 940 locations across 564 cities in 17 states. Georgia is the No.1 state in the United States with 247 Zaxby’s locations. The vast majority of Zaxby’s locations are in the Southeastern U.S. Zaxby looks to expand to other western states, including Arizona and Nevada. To find your nearest Zaxby’s location, visit

🤔 Zaxby’s FAQs

Does Zaxby offer free sandwich meal?

Yes they do. It’s the Free Nibbler Sandwich. A Nibbler is a Zaxbys Classic Chicken Fingerz, tucked in a toasted bun and topped with Zax Sauce. You’ll receive a postcard for a free Nibbler Sandwich which is valid on your birthday and 30 days after.

What is Zaxby’s Signature Club Sandwich?

Zaxby’s new Signature Club Sandwich takes everything great about the Signature Sandwich (a double-hand breaded white breast meat filet, three thick-cut pickles, all piled into a buttery, toasted potato bun), with an upgraded list of toppings.

What are the nine famous Zaxby’s sauces?

Original, BBQ, Wimpy, Tongue Torch, Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, Nuclear, Insane and Hot Honey Mustard are the nine different Zaxby’s sauces.

Does Zaxby bread their wings?

Most of the Zaxby’s sandwiches have breaded chicken or chicken fingers inside.

What is Zaxby’s Original Wing Sauce?

Zaxby’s original wing sauce is an orangey-red concoction reminiscent of a good tomato bisque from your favorite country French place, sits on the edge of the tongue. Original serves as Zaxby’s version of Buffalo sauce.

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